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A Heroic Scale (v17 and On)
After much feedback and playtesting I am pleased to introduce a Heroic scale of Warhammer 40k: Only Astartes. In this “Heroic” scale Astartes Deathwatch will have more wounds and survive multiple hits. In addition, fields are both more predictable and less damning in their use as they simply provide temporary wounds equal to their rating with a bonus for their quality level.

While this reduces the grimness inherent in the system I feel it encourages a more light-hearted playing atmosphere where mistakes do not condemn the entire Kill Team and create more opportunities for moments of glory and fun.

Most enemies are unaffected and will not have their wounds increased as they already had hundreds of wounds in some cases. Some enemies, mostly named and specials may be affected by this slightly. But for the most part, even other space marines will not survive the punishment that the Deathwatch Kill Team can.


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